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Virginia Hunting Dogs Face Kidnapping Risk During the Hunt

In the Isle of Wight County, Virginia, there is a growing epidemic that is risking their hunting dogs’ lives and health. Brittany Kearns and her dog, Paycheck, are learning this the hard way.

Hunting a few days earlier, Kearns realized that Paycheck’s GPS tracker signal had been lost. Hunting dogs, who are often more like family than any other dogs because of the bond they share with their owners, need these collars desperately.

Without them, they can get lost, they can get hit, or somebody can pick them up and steal them. Sadly, that’s precisely what happened to Paycheck.

Fortunately, someone found Paycheck about an hour later, but when Kearns went to pick him up, his collar was missing. After reviewing the GPS log, Kearns believes that Paycheck was taken, and “he rode around in a truck for probably 10 or 15 minutes, and then the collar was taken off, turned off, and the dog was dumped.”

Kearns says although she’s relieved to have Paycheck back, she’s upset someone would steal the collar, which will cost her between $250 and $300 to replace. This is devastating to Kearns and hunters everywhere.

She says that hunting “is a way of life for us, it’s a way of life for our dogs. They love to do it, our dogs are well-taken care of, just leave it alone.”
If someone did steal the collar and gets caught, they could face a felony charge because of its value.


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Virginia Hunting Dogs Face Kidnapping Risk During the Hunt