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Hunting Dogs Potentially Kidnapped in Utah

Deseret News

Utah man’s hunting dogs that had gone missing still remains a mystery, with discarded GPS collars found, and one dog returned, the search continues for the other.

Over Memorial Day weekend hunter Aaron Carter was out with his dogs in the La Sal Mountains. The hunter and his nine dogs were out bear hunting in the Hell Canyon area when two of his dogs went missing. It was very suspicious because the dogs GPS collars had been discarded in some thick brush.

Carter believes someone stole the dogs. They are highly trained hunting dogs that are estimated to be worth $3,000 in value. However, the two dogs, Rowdy and Bounce, are also like family, and Carter feels a price cannot be put on that.


“I feel it’s almost more of a kidnapping than it is a theft—They’re part of our family and we treat them as such, and when one of them is taken, it’s taking a piece of us too,” Carter said.

Luckily one dog, Rowdy, has been returned. The details of the return are not currently reported and the search goes on for Bounce.

A $500 reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the dog thieves. Anyone with information relating to the abduction should call the San Juan Country Sheriff’s Office.

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Hunting Dogs Potentially Kidnapped in Utah