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Hunting Dogs: What the GoPro Fetch Was Made For [VIDEO]

Check out this GoPro Fetch footage to experience a bird hunt through the eyes of Molly, the boykin spaniel.

We have all seen hunting and fishing footage filmed with the innovative GoPro camera system. They usually offer unique perspectives of whatever activity is filmed with them. But here comes the GoPro Fetch dog mount. Ingenious.

Here is a video that gives us a taste of what our hunting dogs see during a bird hunt instead of the hunters themselves. You can really sense how much hunting dogs love retrieving during hunts while watching this video.

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The particular hunt featured in this video took place in Puerto Rico. Looks like a great destination to escape the impending winter weather, if you ask me.

And Molly is such a good pup!

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Hunting Dogs: What the GoPro Fetch Was Made For [VIDEO]