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A Hunting Dog's Gift Guide

When you're making your Christmas list this year, don't forget about about the pooch. He's already got his list ready with this hunting dog's gift guide.


Your hunting dog is part of the family, so treat him right this Christmas. Whether he's in the field, at home or at play, your dog is sure to love and appreciate one of these presents off the hunting dog's gift guide.

Check out our suggestions for the best gifts for your hunting dog.

RedHead Double Ply Safety Collar

Bass Pro Shops

Your dog's safety is of the utmost importance when your hunting and you can show it with the RedHead Double Ply Safety Collar. The center ring allows the collar to twist and turn if it gets caught, making sure your dog's safe no matter what he gets into.

Cabela's Neoprene Flotation Dog Vest


This floating dog vest from Cabela's keeps your hunting dog safe and sound both in the water and in the field. With an Armor-Flex chest protector and side flotation devices, your hunting buddy can withstand the coldest waters and the roughest shrubs.

Ruffwear Bark N Boots Polar Trex Dog Boots


Designed for the most brutal of weather, these Ruffwear dog boots are sure to keep your hunting dog warm and safe. With snow gripping lugs, layers of insulation and water and wind resistant fabric, your pooch will be grateful to keep his feet warm and dry.

Cabela's Northern Flight Dog Blind


No more fighting for room in your blind with this Northern Flight Dog Blind from Cabela's. With it's heavy duty shell and stubble straps on all four sides, this blind keeps your dog hidden and comfortable, ensuring you both have the best hunt possible.

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Dokken's Dog First Aid Kit


Being a hunting dog is hard, dangerous work. Make sure you're always prepared with the Dokken's Dog First Aid Kit. It's lightweight, easy to carry and includes everything you need to dress your dog's wound in the field.

Mud River Collapsible Dish

Bass Pro Shops

You don't have to worry about space with one of these collapsible dishes from Mud River. With a nylon exterior and leak-proof interior, your hunting dog will be excited every time he sees you pull it out.

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K&H Cooling Gel Pet Cot


Running, swimming and fetching birds all day can leave your dog stiff and sore. The K&H Cooling Gel Pet Cot has pressure activated cooling gel to sooth even the achiest of muscles. It doesn't need electricity or refrigeration, and since it's so easy to take down and put together, you can even bring it with you to the hunting camp.

Cabela's Orthopedic Comfort Couch Dog Bed


After a long hunt, you love to lay back on your couch and relax. With Cabela's Orthopedic Comfort Couch Dog Bed, your pup can have one of their own.With its foam base and velvet microfiber cover, it's comfort on your dog's joints and muscles, ensuring them a good night's rest so they are ready to go in the morning.

Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House

Bass Pro Shops

Let your dog live in style with one a Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House. Made from solid fir wood and an asphalt singled roof, this dog house is weatherproof and looks great in your backyard. With its raised floor and spacious interior, your dog won't ever want to leave it.

Flying Green Duck Toy


This flying duck toy makes sure your dog stops to have a little fun once in awhile. Waterproof, chew resistant and made with an internal bungee system that allows it to be thrown up to 100 feet, this little duck can keep your dog busy for hours.

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A Hunting Dog's Gift Guide