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Hunting Dogs Can Catch Crabs, Too!

Hunting dogs aren’t just about snagging that duck, deer, or boar anymore. These four-legged friends are all about the crabs!

Talk about a lazy day for a hunter or angler. Sit on the beach, crack a cold one, and let your dog catch crabs while you catch some well-deserved zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs and then a delicious dinner!

Can hunting dogs really be trained to hunt just about anything? One of the reasons we have so many breeds is because certain breeds prove to be more effective than others for certain tasks.

Pointers are great for letting you know where animals are hiding and flushing them out. Hounds proved to be excellent trackers and following trails with their extra keen sense of smell. Retrievers proved to be efficient at retrieving game birds without shredding them to bits. Greyhounds were fast enough to chase down and kill rabbits, foxes and coyotes. Irish Wolf Hounds are the reason that wolves are extinct in Ireland.

And the list goes on. So, the answer to your question? Pretty much, YES!


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Hunting Dogs Can Catch Crabs, Too!