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Hunting Dog Saved by Camera in Wolf Attack [VIDEO]

To think this dog actually survived this wolf attack…unbelievable. 

In an amazing video out of Norway, some hunters were filming their own hunting video when a camera strapped to one of their hunting dogs captured something extraordinary.

As their hunting dog was running through the woods, it came upon a wolf. A quick chase of the wolf ensued, followed by a sudden ambush-style wolf attack, from the dog’s-eye-view. It all happens so quick, it has to be seen to be believed.

Follow this video closely because it is over just as quick as it begins.

After watching this video several times, and self-admittedly not being an expert in wolf behavior, it looks to me that the wolf allowed the dog to chase it until the point that it found an area where it could turn back around and essentially blitzkrieg the hunting dog.

The only thing that allowed the dog to survive that wolf attack, according to reports, was due to the camera that was on the dog’s neck. You see, when the wolf lunged at the dog, it bit into the camera instead.

Surprisingly, the dog actually came away from this encounter unscathed.

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Hunting Dog Saved by Camera in Wolf Attack [VIDEO]