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Hunting By Default: This Michigan Family Eats Nothing But Roadkill [PICS]

For this man, roadkill from deer-car accidents help feed his family throughout the year.

Jeff Potter lives in Lansing, Michigan where he runs an indie outdoor sports business. This family man and entrepreneur does something a bit peculiar; he and his family eat roadkill.

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It all started when his brother noticed a deer had just been hit on the way home from the grocery store. He claims that it wasn't there on his way to the store so it had to have been fresh. Potter jumped in his family minivan, after spreading the tarp in the back, and phoned the police to get permission to pick up the carcass - to process it and eat it for dinner.

Potter claims that as his area in Michigan gets more and more populated, deer-car accidents are on the rise - especially during the fall mating season. Potter now collects roadkill of all species (including: deer, pheasant, turkey, and squirrel). He cooks them up in stews and roasts and encourages his friends to call him when they spot something fresh.

Roadkilled deer is the only red meat his family ever eats and he claims that no one has ever gotten sick. In fact, this method of consuming red meat is endorsed by PETA!

State laws on the permissibility of collecting roadkill varies so check with your local law enforcement agency before you jump into this activity. Collecting the roadkill when it is cold outside is ideal because parasites like fleas and ticks have perished and the meat stays edible for longer.

This is the ultimate form of living with no waste!

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Hunting By Default: This Michigan Family Eats Nothing But Roadkill [PICS]