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The Fundamentals of Hunting Deer [VIDEO]

Hugo Izzo, a man who grew up hunting deer on a ten thousand acre plantation, has some advice for all of us.

We’re lucky expertvillage has posted a video starring Izzo that informs its viewers on some significant information about deer hunting.

He discusses scouting and locating deer within a certain area and provides us with some wisdom on understanding the land.

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Izzo tells us to “locate an area the deer are moving in” to in order to scout out where they likely will be during any given time of day.

He also says it is important to scout out where trails are beaten down, where a deer may have run into a branch or tree, and where deer droppings are, as these are strong indicators that deer hang about frequently in the vicinity.

At the end of the video he reminds us that in order to have a “good successful hunt” we need to be fully aware of where animals like to be, and where they travel.

What else did you get out of this video?

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The Fundamentals of Hunting Deer [VIDEO]