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Hunting Deer…with a Helicopter and a Net Gun [VIDEO]

Man has come a long way since chasing deer with sharpened sticks. Now, you can simply run your prey down with a helicopter and snare it with a net gun.

In this video, a marksman shows off this incredibly high-tech way to catch quarry in the modern era.

With a series of skilled maneuvers, a gunner and pilot team make multiple low-altitude passes over a running deer until they are close enough to fire a net gun that entraps the animal.


Sorry hunters, this isn’t a legal way to bag that trophy buck, but actually a technique that’s employed to capture animals for scientific or farming purposes. In this video, bucks were being collected as studs for a deer breeder.

While it may seem a far fetched excuse for farmers and scientists to have fun, the use of net guns and helicopters is actually a dependable way of capturing deer, especially on large properties. The method is more efficient than other techniques, and less likely to injure the deer.

Researchers can measure, weigh, and take samples from deer and release them without having to bother with risky tranquilizers.

Using a net gun, the deer is usually unharmed, short of the terror if feels from being chased by what is must think is a monster bird that fires webs like Spiderman. But if this buck was placed in a pen of does after his capture, I think he’d say the experience was well worth the reward.

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Hunting Deer…with a Helicopter and a Net Gun [VIDEO]