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Is Hunting Crow with a 30/30 Rifle Overkill? [VIDEO]

When a crop-robbing crow showed up in the backyard, this guy was ready.

Armed with his 30/30 caliber rifle, he absolutely smokes this crow.

Watch this video and ask yourself: Could he have used a bigger gun?

When a pest or predatory animal shows up on the homestead, you act quickly and grab the closest gun. This unlucky crow meets this man’s 30/30 rifle bullet.

Crows eat bird eggs, destroy crops, and make a mess out of your garbage at the curb. This crow picked the wrong yard and subsequently explodes from a direct, precision shot.

The 30/30 caliber is perfect for larger game like deer, and even small bears. Crows are a bit smaller than the usual game for this rifle.

This shot was instant lights out.

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Is Hunting Crow with a 30/30 Rifle Overkill? [VIDEO]