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Hunting with an Authentic Civil War Musket

This Civil War musket still has what it takes to get the job done.

You know that comforting feeling you get when you take an old familiar gun, rod, or bow into the field? As you pack it with you, you carry more than just the gear itself, you pack confidence and the certainty the weapon you hold can get the job done.

Imagine if that weapon had not only proved itself in the hunting field, but in the American Civil War. That is what one fortunate hunter was able to do in Oregon.

Talk about living history.

Seldom do we take the time to appreciate the experiences of our ancestors. Oftentimes we discredit their achievements, moments of glory, and achievements as insignificant. We tend to get caught up in our own lives and soak up our moment in the sun. It’s human nature to think like Toby Keith; “I wanna talk about me.”

Sprinkled throughout the world are a few souls that cling tightly to the traditions of the ancient ones. They long to see the sunrise as it was first seen, feel the age old tug of a hooked fish, or fall into the ancient rhythm of horse and rider. It plugs people into the past, and that is where some folks find the most satisfaction.

So it seems to go with the man in this video.

Imagine being the shooter of that Civil War musket on this particular deer hunt. Prior to the hunt he learned the process of preparing shot as they would have done in the past. His hands followed the same pattern as the men of long ago.

As he drew the stock to his shoulder it created the identical feeling it did in 1860. Looking down the old iron sight in the video, our minds can imagine a soldier dressed in blue or gray, charging your position.

If we take a moment to imagine that scene, we may begin to ask ourselves other questions about what the shooter was feeling, thinking, and experiencing.

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 5.52.11 AM

Like a time machine, items like these can really allow us to develop some empathy for people of many years ago. We realize they were not made of clay. They were real people who did their best to live in the world they were born into.

Shooting a Civil War musket may not be the most exciting experience in everyone’s life, but for a few out there who long to stand in the boots of men long since departed, the experience can scratch the itch.

Next time you get the chance to take an old family heirloom out to the field, I hope you are able to foster some understanding of the people who carried that weapon years ago.


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Hunting with an Authentic Civil War Musket