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Hunting and Art Combine as this New York Craftsman creates Duck Decoys

See this New York carver create duck decoys for hunting, from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

At one point or another every waterfowler has imagined what it must have been like in the early days to use all wood, hand-carved duck decoys. There are still a few guys left who carve their own; many are such works of art they are never hunted over but some are still used in marshes, rivers and bays.

It is likely an experience that can’t be topped for a duck hunter.

See this New York artist, Steve Sanford of Cambridge, New York, as he handcrafts one decoy and speaks to the process and the joy that duck hunting brings him and others.

I, like most, hunt over mass produced plastic decoys; while the convenience and affordability cannot be understated, I can think of no more satisfying thing than carving your own decoys and shooting over them.

I always keep my eyes open at antique shops as you can still find old wood decoys that are truly works of art. The ones that are weatherd with a few bird shot hits are even better because you know someone many years ago also hunted over that same decoy as part of the grand tradition of duck hunting in North America.

Kudos to Steve Sanford of Cambridge New York; you sir, are a true artist.



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Hunting and Art Combine as this New York Craftsman creates Duck Decoys