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Hunting with ARs: An Infographic to Remember

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I think we all can see that hunting with ARs are quickly becoming the best new thing in modern hunting.

As history shows, hunters tend to adapt the technology trends of the military. During the early history of the United States, black powder guns and muskets were used in combat, as well as in the woods chasing game.

As military weapons advanced, so did the weapons that hunters used. In today’s hunting era, the AR platform is gaining popularity, in large part, again, due to the popularity of this style of gun in our modern military.

The following infographic shows the key differences between using an AR platform gun versus traditional guns when we take to the woods chasing deer, coyotes, or any other game.


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If you are new to hunting with ARs, it may be a good idea to print this for future use or even to give to someone who might be getting an AR for Christmas.

I think we call can agree that ARs are only going to get more popular.

One day soon the traditional shotgun, lever action, and bolt action rifle will be treated as the muzzleloader: a viable option, but not the first choice, among hunters.

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Hunting with ARs: An Infographic to Remember