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Hunting and Cooking Wild Boar, Gordon Ramsay Style

Ramsay Hog Hunt

Chef Ramsay, gets his hands dirty, expertly field dresses a hog, and serves it up to American troops.

Chef Ramsay has held 16 Michelin stars. He is no amateur when it comes to how to properly cut and cook pork. Ramsay gets a taste at hunting down some wild hogs while at Ft Benning, Ga. He runs the back county with an Army Major and learns the basics of shooting and how to chase a wild hog.

Ramsay and the Major work together and eventually get themselves a hog. Ramsay then gets to show his expertise and makes quick work of field dressing the hog. The pig is cooked expertly and a field unit from the Army stationed on base gets a hell of a barbecue dinner served up.

Hogs are running rampant and are destroying many crops and starting to destroy infrastructure. These hogs are replicating quickly and are quickly spreading across America. Any state that has dense farm land is quickly becoming susceptible to the impact of the wild hog.

Many private farm owners are even selling tickets to come aboard their farm land and hunt the land. It helps them create some small revenue and even lets the hunters safely hunt on private property and protect the farm land. Farmers and hunters are working together to keep these pigs at bay but the population keeps exploding.

Get out your big boar rifles and get out and get some wild hog meat. Ramsay was all to familiar with the delicious cuts that you can get from a hog. If you just so happen to get the mother load and have too much meat, a lot of community kitchens are accepting meat donations and will gladly take your extras if your willing to part with them.

Overall this hunting is sustainable and benefits farmers, hunters, and protects the surrounding communities. Get your big bore rifles out and get tracking. Stay safe out there, hogs are some of the few hoofed animals that actually fight back!


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Hunting and Cooking Wild Boar, Gordon Ramsay Style