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Hunting African Animals with Deformed Horns [PICS]

Deformed Horns kudu wall

Animals with deformed horns aren’t exactly common, but you’d be surprised how many animals sporting deformed horns there are running around.

Deformed Horns kudu wall
Kok & Seyffert Big Game Hunting

It’s amazing how common animals with deformed horns are in Africa when you really start looking for them. Some of these animals sport deformed horns due to genetic abnormalities. Others have misshapen horns due to other factors.

Some of the animals in this slideshow have deformed horns that grow in weird and bizarre configurations while others have additional horns, or are missing their horns altogether.

Regardless of the animal and the specific deformation, all the animals on this list were 100% wild and all of these photos are legit: no photoshopped pictures here.

While none of the animals on this list will score very well in the traditional sense, all of them are very interesting and unique trophies. As a matter of fact, some hunters place a significant value on taking an animal with deformed horns.

According to their way of thinking, there will always be another hunter who shoots a bigger animal than them, but nobody else will ever take a trophy that looks quite as unique as theirs.

Click through the slideshow to see some examples of trophy animals with deformed horns in Africa.

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Eland Cow

deformed horns eland

Namibian Safari Hunts

For some reason, this eland cow had a horn that curled back and to the right, instead of growing straight up. This deformed horn also kept her from being able to turn her head to the right and she had a massive rubbed spot on her hide from years of the horn rubbing on her neck.

Fortunately for her, eland are herd animals and her lack of ability to turn her head to the right didn’t put her at as much of a disadvantage against predators as it would a solitary animal.

One Horned Nyala

deformed horns nyala

Big Game Hunting Adventures

As you can see, this nyala only has one horn and probably lost his horn in a fight with another nyala.

However, if you look closely, you can see that the base of the right horn appears to be growing forward and to the right, instead of upwards. It is very possible that this nyala had a horn growing out to the side, which is probably why it was broken off in the first place.

Impala Ram with No Horns

deformed horns impala no horns

John McAdams

Some animals have deformed horns because of genetic abnormalities. Others have deformed horns due to some outside influence. This impala had no horns because another hunter tried to shoot it in the head and missed.

The bullet chopped off both horns near the base and the hunter found them lying on the ground after the impala ran off. Apparently uninjured otherwise, the impala lived for another few months before I shot him on a hunt in South Africa last year and seemed to be in nearly perfect health when I encountered him.

Eland Bull

deformed horns eland bull

Kok & Seyffert Big Game Hunting

This poor eland bull had a deformed horn that grew down and inwards. In fact, it had reached the point where his own horn was stabbing him in the face, leaving a nasty, festering wound on his snout that would only have gotten worse over time.

This hunter saved the bull from a slow, painful death from starvation, illness, or predation.

Waterbuck With Broken Horn

deformed horns waterbuck

John McAdams

Waterbuck are known to be very territorial animals and fights between dominant males are pretty common. Not surprisingly, a fair number of waterbuck walk around with broken horns resulting from these fights.

Three-Horned Kudu

deformed horns three horned kudu

Namibian Safari Hunts

This particular kudu had a perfectly normal set of beautifully spiraling horns. However, it also had a very rare and unusual third horn measuring over an inch long growing out from between his eyes.

Waterbuck with Deformed and Broken Horn

deformed horns waterbuck 1

Big Game Hunting Adventures

Like the nyala from an earlier photo, this waterbuck has a deformed horn that eventually ended up broken. It is not uncommon for a waterbuck bull to suffer serious injury or even death as a result of a fight. Especially in this case, there is a good chance that his forward-pointing deformed horn gave this waterbuck a significant advantage in a fight against a waterbuck with normal horns. It’s even possible that he killed the other waterbuck in the fight where he broke off his horn.

Deformed Kudu Wall of Fame

Deformed Horns kudu wall

Kok & Seyffert Big Game Hunting

This wall of fame at a taxidermy shop in South Africa is an impressive collection of nearly every possible deformed horn configuration that a kudu can have.


deformed horns impala

Kok & Seyffert Big Game Hunting

Not much to say about this impala other than the fact that it has one normal horn and one that is growing exactly the opposite of normal. How’d you like to run across this guy on a hunt?

Deformed Kudu

deformed horns kudu

Kok & Seyffert Big Game Hunting

This kudu bull is pretty young, but it is obvious that he is growing a set of unusual horns. Give him another few years and he may end up on the kudu wall of fame from earlier.

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Hunting African Animals with Deformed Horns [PICS]