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5 Hunting Accessories for Your Truck

Hunting accessories for your truck don't just tell folks what you're hobby is, they can be very useful too.

When it comes to decking out our rides in hunting-friendly gear, many of us outdoorsmen and women put a lot of thought and consideration into what will make the most sense. Some stuff is strictly for show, but we know that the most meaningful and useful items will make hunting easier, especially when your truck doubles as your camp or home base.

We took aim at 5 products that would greatly help any hunter with their additions to a truck or SUV, knowing full well we could never really trick out our rides enough.

1. Wraps and decals

Adding camo to your truck is the universal way of saying "I hunt," and if that's what you're after, by all means stick them where you can. Even the smallest decals, like the popular Browning deer head or a Ducks Unlimited logo, can be enough to get the point across.

Wrapping a truck or SUV in camo is another cool way to add some flair to your ride. Though there are plenty of paint and detail places that will do it for you, try an at-home kit that allows for a DIY pattern to be added to your vehicle with just a few simple tools and a little time.

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2. Gun or Bow Holder

A Seat Rack gun and bow holder is the ideal way to carry and transport your firearms of choice, and can prevent guns from bouncing around on the floor or seat. Rubber coated for soft yet firm grips, the holder keeps you from having to install extensive equipment to ensure your guns are safe when traveling.

There are no nuts or bolts needed; the contraption simply hooks onto the rear seat and can be pulled out in one quick snatch-and-grab. It's also a much more subtle way to keep your guns in your truck, as opposed to other clunky and obvious storage units. The low profile won't attract attention and won't

bas pro - seat rackPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

3. Hitch Mounted Game Hoist

Once you bag that deer or other large game, having nothing but a truck to skin and clean it can be a major headache. Not anymore thanks to companies like Kill Shot, who make this great hoist sold through



Image via

You'll have no trouble attaching this to your hitch and create a great working space, and you can use it to simply lift a deer into your bed if it's too big to handle. It expands from 81 inches to 95-3/4 inches, perfect for smaller does all the way up to large trophies.

Heavy steel construction allows it to withhold up to 500 pounds, which is plenty to lift the biggest buck you can find. Seriously, try to find a deer this thing can't handle.

4. Seat Covers

If you're finished skinning and cleaning your game, chances are you're going to be covered in some, well, gunk. Blood and guts, if you needed more explanation.

And chances are you'd rather not get that gunk all over the interior of your car. If you're the least bit concerned about ruining your leather seats, some covers will do the trick while adding some more hunting flair to your truck.

Browning's Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity seat covers are universal and made of tough polyester fabric, making them water-repellant and dirt-resistance (and gunk-proof). They'll fit the majority of standard bucket seats, but verify they will fit in yours before making a purchase.

bass pro - browning seatPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

5. Floor Mats

While we're at it, we might as well suggest some protection for your truck's floor, since mud is yet another culprit that can gather on a hunting trip and ruin the interior of a vehicle. Browning has you covered with their Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity 3-D floor mats, sold in sets of 2.

Floor mats might not be the sexiest of hunting accessories for your truck, but trust us, you'll thank yourself for getting them. And when you're not hunting, and folks notice your floor mats when they jump in your ride, they'll instantly know that you're an outdoors kind of person, with an appreciation for hunting and the finer points of accessorizing.

bass pro - floor matPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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