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Huntforce Updates Trail Cam Tool with Even More Capabilites

The latest HuntForce updates have made the trail cam organization process even stronger.

With their latest round of impressive updates, the folks at the sophisticated trail camera management software Huntforce are helping hunters take their scouting to the highest level.

There's certainly an "old" way of managing trail cam photos, and HuntForce openly admits that's their biggest competitor. Molding a hunter's mind into realizing the value and significance of a well-organized trail camera strategy is sometimes the hardest part of selling HuntForce's idea.

The latest updates and capabilities are going to make that a lot easier.

We got a walkthrough of the new features, as well as some insight, from Huntforce co-founder Ryan White. He was eager to point out all the added capabilities since we last checked in with Huntforce.

"We've done a lot of work in the past couple of months," White mentioned. "I think we're starting to get to a really great spot, where we can adding advanced functionality, advanced analytics, predictive analytics, forecasts over time, and more."

Ryan shared with us an overview of the full process, from adding pictures to organizing and labeling them, and shared some of the finer points of the new updates. Uploading photos from any screen is now easier than ever, and simple filtering and tagging allows you to see so much more than a mere image on a screen.

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"The first thing we want to do is make sure the data going into the application is good. A lot of times, the camera will die in the field, or the time and dates will be wrong," said White. "Once you change one photo, it applies it to the entire set of photos that you're uploading." That means no more individual adjustments on hundreds of images.

Trail cams can now be pinpointed in certain locations with a great new map view, which allows hunters to visualize the movement and pathways used by specific deer easier than ever.


The multiple properties feature is also enhanced, allowing for more organization between different groups of trail cameras. Animal profiles are improved, and added as a sidebar so they're always available without searching or filtering. It's allowing hunters to select the photos they care about, and directly focus on the game their after, White said.

If you want to see every image of one particular deer that was taken on mornings when the temperature was between 60 and 70 degrees, you can do that. If you want to look at every photo snapped in September from one specific cam at a hunting property five states away, you can do that too.

Probably the most meaningful update involves the adjusted prices on HuntForce's individual plans. There's still a free version, but the two paid plans, Premium and Pro, are only $5 and $9 a month, respectively.

White said Huntforce did a ton of testing and research to find out the optimal price ranges, and he believes they've found them.

"We've got two simple paid plans," White said. "One is for the guy who probably runs three to five cameras, and then above that, the $9 account, to max that out, you've got to put some work in."

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To sweeten the deal, and add even more incentive for hunters to start using Huntforce, the company is giving away an awesome deer hunt with Buck Ventures and Major League Bowhunters in northwest Oklahoma. The winner of the drawing will be announced on October 6, and head to Oklahoma during the peak rut for a chance to hunt some incredible whitetail.

How do you enter? All you need to do is have a paid account that you've started between April 1 and October 6. "For five bucks, it's the best deal going," White felt inclined to add. "Plus you get a great product."


"Everybody that we talk to, we're educating them about good trail camera photo management, and what it can do for you" White said. "We really want to highlight that there is a good way to do it, it's super affordable to use, and it's going to help you be more successful."

Good enough for us, and any other hunter out there.

To learn more about Huntforce and sign up for a plan, go here.

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Huntforce Updates Trail Cam Tool with Even More Capabilites