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A Hunter’s Worst Nightmare [VIDEO]

This hunter’s worst nightmare came true on a stag hunt in New Zealand.

After spotting a respectable stag, this hunter takes a moment to film the animal and snap a few pictures before beginning a stalk to get within range. Once the stalk has begun, the hunter can no longer see the stag as he uses terrain and vegetation to hide his approach.

Just then, he hears a helicopter approaching his position and that of the stag he’s after. Finally, he hears shots ring out. When he reaches his quarry, the heli-hunters are collecting their kill.

Watch the video to see this hunter’s worst nightmare play out for yourself.

The hunters in the helicopter weren’t breaking any laws in the video. They were participating in a Wild Animal Recovery Operation.

In New Zealand, where the action took place, the Department of Conservation issues permits for the harvest or capture and transfer of deer, pig, goat, and chamois to processors that have been approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

This regulated market hunting provides jobs for some New Zealanders, but as you can see in this video, the practice can also be a hunter’s worst nightmare.

Luckily, market hunting is banned in the U.S. and hunters don’t have to worry about running into a situation like this in our country’s vast public lands.

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A Hunter’s Worst Nightmare [VIDEO]