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Hunters in Wisconsin Aren’t Submitting Deer for CWD Testing

FB/Wisconsin DNR

Online registration might have something to do with drop-in hunters having deer tested.

Wisconsin hunters aren’t turning over as many deer for testing for chronic wasting disease as they have in the past.

As of Monday, 2,561 deer were turned over for testing for the deadly neurological disease. By comparison, that’s only half of what was turned it last year.

The drop in numbers can probably best be explained by Wisconsin doing away with check stations and moving to a digital or phone registration only. These were places heads were typically handed over for testing.

While the Wisconsin department of natural resources did have 60 locations for gathering samples with processors and taxidermists, the numbers still dropped.

While the numbers are lower, DNR Wildlife Administrator Tom Hauge said they still expect the lower number of samples to yield data about the disease.

Wisconsin has been in the headlines a lot for CWD this season. In early summer, a doe tested positive for the disease on a deer farm. After much debate by wildlife officials, they ended up destroying all 228 animals in the facility.

The most recent DNR numbers on their website put the number of CWD-affected counties in Wisconsin at 38. Although the map doesn’t include Oneida, where a CWD-positive deer was found on a high-fence hunting facility.

If you’re still hunting in Wisconsin, it might not be a bad idea to take any late-season harvests in for testing.

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Hunters in Wisconsin Aren’t Submitting Deer for CWD Testing