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Why Hunters Have More Skill than Fishermen

Do you think successful hunters have more skill than the avid anglers?

So, you’re a lifelong hunter and your buddy is an avid fisherman. The two of you are adamant that your sport is better and set out to prove it by arguing over the merits of each sport. Which one wins?

Is hunting more involved than fishing? Most would say it is. Hunting takes an entirely different skill set and quite a bit more ingenuity and determination than fishing.

Here are some reasons why, but if you’d like to argue, we’d love to hear it in the comments!

Different Skill Sets and Performance Expectations

We’re not trying to say fishing is a ‘dummy’ sport by any means. It just means that hunters are a completely different breed than fishermen. Hunters brave conditions casual fishermen typically refuse to endure. They exert far more physical effort than fishermen and have to know quite a bit more about their prey and environment than their fishing counterparts.

In addition, hunters are asked to perform at a much higher level in order to succeed and while a fisherman can sit for hours with a pole in his or her hand, a hunter has to be forever vigilant in order to succeed. There is no question about it, if success is the goal – hunters have to be at the top of their game consistently, while that might not necessarily be the case for casual fishermen.

What It’s all About

There is often less pressure for fishermen and their sport. For the reasons mentioned above, along with a number of other factors, it is safe to say hunters have to be more skilled and experienced than fishermen in order to succeed. The requirements that hunters must meet for effective preparation completely dwarf those of a casual fisherman.

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A fish doesn’t care what you wear, if you can be easily smelled, or if you’re an accurate shot. As long as you have the right bait, you can be usually be successful fishing.

That just doesn’t come close to the preparation and skill set needed to bring down a wise old buck or nice fat turkey.

Preparation Differences

Hunters have to put in an enormous amount of time and preparation before the season ever opens if they want to be successful. For casual fishermen, that isn’t really the case. If you find a promising spot on any lake or river, you won’t ever take the time to scout or prepare the way a hunter would.

Hunters have to sight in their weapons, prepare their hunting equipment, plant or identify food plots, clear trails, hang stands, mount trail cams, and more if they want to ensure a successful hunting season.

After the Kill/Catch

After a successful hunt, hunters have a lot of physically demanding, skilled work left to do. Fishermen have a fraction of that same chore.

Where hunters have to move, skin, clean and butcher a large animal, fishermen have to use a knife and make (albeit precision) cuts on a smaller level.

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Cleaning a deer or turkey properly is a world away from filleting a fish. Both take a certain level of skill, but hunters have a larger number of variables and challenges to contend with when processing an animal.

The Weather

When it comes to weather, hunters get the short end of the stick while some would say fishermen have it made. To contend with brutal weather conditions and harsh terrain, it takes quite a bit more fortitude and determination to succeed. In addition, there is a certain level of skill involved in knowing how to handle bad weather conditions.

Fishermen aren’t challenged in the same manner and therefore, don’t need to learn the same survival skill set as most hunters.

That, among other things, is a clear indication that hunters have to face more daunting challenges and develop more in-depth skill sets in order to meet those challenges.

When it comes right down to it, it’s tough to argue that fishing takes less skill and experience to be successful than hunting.

All the same, if you’d like to make a point one for one of the sides of the debate, leave it in the comments below.

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Why Hunters Have More Skill than Fishermen