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Georgia Hunters Save 2 Newborn Fawns from Lake [VIDEO]

Two Georgia men rescued a pair of newborn fawns trapped in a lake last week.

Andy Wooten and his cousin were working on a landscaping job near Lake Oconee when they heard what sounded a baby crying in the woods, reported WSBTV.

As the men walked closer to the woods, they saw a deer standing by the edge of the lake. Wooten and his cousin – who are both hunters – realized the cries were coming from two fawns near the edge of the lake, though they couldn’t find them.

“We were right on top of them. We could hear them but we couldn’t see them,” said Wooten. 

After searching for 10 minutes Wooten found one of the crying fawns stuck in a watery hole near the lake.

Watch as the hunters save one the fawns in the video below.


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They found the other fawn trapped in shallow water near the banks.

“I believe what happened is it was probably born at nighttime, close to the lake, and fell in,” said Wooten. “Vines were the only thing holding it above water.”

Wooten and his cousin wrapped the fawns in beach towels and let them recover in the sun for an hour. Both fawns still had their umbilical chords still attached to their bodies.

Wooten and his cousin later returned the fawns to the woods where they were found, in hopes that the mother would come back to find them.

When they came back to work on the property the next day, the saw the fawns with their mother across the street.

“That was the best feeling,” said Wooten.“They were all back together as a family.”

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Georgia Hunters Save 2 Newborn Fawns from Lake [VIDEO]