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Hunters Rescue Injured Baby Rhino in Zimbabwe [VIDEO]

Injured Baby Rhino

Watch as these hunters in Zimbabwe find and rescue an injured baby rhino who got caught in a poacher’s snare. This is conservation by hunters at its best.

These hunters were out in the field in Zimbabwe pursuing other game when they ran across this injured baby rhino who had the misfortune of getting caught in a poacher’s snare. While the rhino managed to escape, its foot was severely injured by the snare.

Luckily for the rhino, these hunters, with the assistance of a game ranger, successfully captured and treated the rhino.

Anyone who says that hunters don’t care about animals obviously hasn’t seen this video or the countless other examples like it that are out there.

Watch how strong this baby rhino is when they try to subdue it!


Without the help from these hunters, the baby rhino very likely would have died a slow and painful death out in the bush. Fortunately, the hunters found it and the baby rhino is now recovering in a wildlife preserve with other rhinos.

How about the strength of that baby rhino? Even though it was severely injured and had been darted, it still took four men to subdue it.

With the surprising strength and speed of this injured baby rhino in mind, it should not be surprising what a full grown rhino is capable of.

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Hunters Rescue Injured Baby Rhino in Zimbabwe [VIDEO]