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Hunters Rescue Elk From Frozen Lake [VIDEO]

Montana elk hunters rescue an an elk from icy lake waters in this clip.

A group Montana men who were mostly elk hunters saved a female elk that fell through the ice over the weekend on Lake Hegben in southwest Montana.

Using ladders, ropes and a harness, the men were able to pull the elk out of the frigid water. After being rescued, the exhausted elk tried to run back out to the center of the lake.

Watch the rescue unfold in the video below.

Patrick Diagle, the man who filmed the rescue video, said the men were able to corral the tired elk back to shore using the ropes and ladders, according to As you saw in the video, the poor elk looks like she was pretty roughed up. 

Earlier this year, we shared another incredible elk rescue video you might be interested in. While hiking in the snow-covered woods near Untertilliach, Austria, three hunters found some antler points sticking up in the snow. They dug down and found a buried live elk. With just a shovel and piece of rope, the three hunters pulled the massive animal out from the snowy trap. You can watch that video by clicking on the link below. 

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As for the Montana hunters who rescued the elk from Lake Hegben, we think they’re true sportsmen. Well done, fellas.

Have you ever rescued an animal? Share your story in the comments section. 


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Hunters Rescue Elk From Frozen Lake [VIDEO]