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Hunters Rescue Antler-Locked Buck from Headless Rival [VIDEO]

While searching for the carcass of a coyote, two Canadian hunters found what their prey had been preying on.

Shawn Artindale and Gerry Williams of Prey Pursuit found an antler-locked buck while they were looking for a coyote they had just shot and killed.

The buck’s antlers were locked with the severed head of his rival. The rest of its body had been eaten, presumably by coyotes.

What made the encounter even stranger was that both of the bucks’ heads were connected by baling twine. Shawn stepped up to save the tired buck from its peril.

Watch the scene unfold in the video below. Warning: This video contains some strong language.

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Have you ever encountered an antler-locked buck in the wild? 


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Hunters Rescue Antler-Locked Buck from Headless Rival [VIDEO]