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Did This Guy Try to Sabotage a Hunt or Was He Just Curious?

Hunter's nosey Neighbor Scares Deer Away

Hunter's nosey neighbor scares deer away by driving his truck to their deer blind, on purpose.

Some people just do not like hunters. We can try our best to really look and try to understand the other side but some will just disagree. Here, however, this nosey neighbor, goes above and beyond to make sure this hunter is unsuccessful in the field.

Now imagine that when you're in your blind for the day, you hear your neighbor's truck, who is driving right for you. He makes his way through the field and has the decency to step out of his truck and begins talking way above the "deer hunter whisper" level and says, "I'm just doing what I do."

That's pretty much how this hunter, Rod Owen of Drury Outdoors, had his hunt ruined as his nosey neighbor decided to not just walk up to his blind, but drive up and act as nothing was wrong.

Now I have had my fair share of interruptions while hunting. They range from fox hunters on horses with their foxhounds running through the woods to a farmer driving his truck out to my stand, getting out, and pulling weeds in the soy bean field as I drove two hours from my house to hunt the property.

Both of those instances, were pure accidental and actually, I have so much respect for the land owner, I got down from my stand and helped him pull weeds. I have never, in my 20 plus years of hunting, ever had anything like this happen to me. I am a very easy going guy and most of the time I laugh things off with a head shake, but in this situation, I'm not sure how I would have handled it.

Do you think Rod Owen handled this correctly? What would you have done?


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Did This Guy Try to Sabotage a Hunt or Was He Just Curious?