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What's the Deal With the Negative Portrayal of Hunters In Animation?


Negative depiction could have a damaging impact on some people's opinions on hunting.

Animation has come a long way with its ability to captivate audiences of all ages. One common thread shows hunters being negatively portrayed through animation. Several animated movies depict hunters as simple-minded, mean, heartless, and are often the antagonist in the story.

These stereotypes could discourage those foreign to the sport of hunting.

Elmer Fudd from "Looney Tunes"

Depicted as gullible, short tempered, and easily duped by the "wascally wabbit," often causing injury to himself with his double barrel shotgun, Elmer Fudd is the original stereotypical hunter.

Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast"

Although Gaston is handsome and strong, his character is rude, controlling and unreasonable. Overall he is a jerk and according to his theme song, he uses antlers in all of his decorating.


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Shaw from "Open Season"

Shown to be paranoid and violent with no regard for life other than his own, Shaw also is portrayed to disregard laws regarding hunting in a national park.

The hunter from "Bambi"

Even though this character is not shown in physical form, he is portrayed as a villain in this movie. Not only does he kill Bambi's mom, it is also implied he carelessly starts the forest fire.

Clayton from "Tarzan"

Clayton is manipulative, violent, and ruthless. His sole purpose for his African excursion is to hunt gorillas, trap them and sell them on the black market.


Movies overall are an outlet for viewers to use their imaginations and lose themselves in the story line. Having characters who represent hunting in a negative light could possibly affect the way someone perceives a hunter in real life.

It is fun to relish in stereotypes, however one needs to keep in mind the overall impact on the message being portrayed. It could have adverse lasting effects - and that is no laughing matter.

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What's the Deal With the Negative Portrayal of Hunters In Animation?