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This is Why Hunters Need to Take Ethical Shots [PICS]

Photos via imgur

This deer has a crossbow bolt through its head which reminds us that, as hunters, we should never take risky shots.

These photos are a reminder that making ethical and high percentage shots are essential as a hunter.

Accidents can and will likely happen, but it’s important to make every effort to only pull the trigger if it is an ethical shot.

deer with bolt 1

Are you able to see the crossbow bolt in this trail camera pic? It’s over the deer’s right eye.

deer bolt 2

Here’s another view of the deer. It’s shocking that the deer was able to survive the shot.

deer bolt 3

When it comes to archery, head shots aren’t the most effective. Aim for the vitals like the heart and lungs.

Use these photos as a learning tool and be sure to aim small and miss small.

Photos via imgur.

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This is Why Hunters Need to Take Ethical Shots [PICS]