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Hunters May Be Allowed to Take Deer Within Eau Claire City Limits

Sharpshooters and bowhunters are being called upon to help cull extremely high populations of deer within Eau Claire city limits.

A new city ordinance to allow hunters access to hunt inside Eau Claire’s city limits to help cull massive deer population is awaiting final approval from the city council.

The city council ordered population studies earlier this year after receiving numerous complaints from citizens near the Putnam Park and City Wells areas. The study showed there were nearly 103 deer per square mile, well above the normal 25 per mile wildlife biologist say that size area should have.

One man who spoke at a recent meeting about allowing hunters into the parks said he “routinely chases five to ten deer out of his yard a day.” He also added he has lost thousands in plants to the deer and has extensive medical bills after his son contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite.

The city council should have a final decision made by September 8. If approved, they plan to shut entrances to the park down while they allow hunters to go in to take deer.

“The neighbors say shoot them all. Give me 50 guys, and we’ll take care of quite a few of them,” said Pat Geissler who participated in a similar bowhunting program with the city last year.

Any hunters participating in the hunt will need to have a state issued hunting license and deer tags. The city will not require any other additional tags or permits.

The city currently has a deer feeding ban in effect and plans to try to implement other methods to help control the fast growing deer problems.

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Hunters May Be Allowed to Take Deer Within Eau Claire City Limits