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Hunters Learn They Are Calling in a ‘Two-Legged Moose’ [VIDEO]

These moose hunters were not expecting what came to their call.

When hunting, you must always be 100% positive of your target.

These guys are counting their lucky stars they followed that rule.

Yeah yeah, that’s hilarious. But also super dangerous.

When hunting you can send the bullet, but you can never make it return. A mistake can be fatal so we must be certain of our targets and beyond.

These moose hunters are ready for some big bull action and they bugle up what sounds like a huge bull. The hunter gets ready to fire, only to see a prankster run across the field holding a moose head. He then trips and falls flat on his face.

Serves him right, don’t screw around when guns are involved.

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Hunters Learn They Are Calling in a ‘Two-Legged Moose’ [VIDEO]