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Hunters Ignite Hog Bomb [VIDEO]

What’s your trick for hog hunting? How about exterminating 9 hogs with one shot and a tub of explosives? Introducing the hog bomb. 

A group of hunters, likely frustrated with how a bunch of feral hogs is wrecking their hunting land, has decided to kick things up a notch. So, with a rifle from a safe distance, they ignited a tub of tannerite explosives.

WARNING: the following video contains graphic footage and some language.

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With tannerite and other explosives, people are typically only limited to their imaginations. This hog bomb brings new meaning to the old phrase, “The sky’s the limit.”

Hopefully those involved with this explosive encounter made sure to check into the legalities of this stunt and ignited the bomb for a good purpose.


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Hunters Ignite Hog Bomb [VIDEO]