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Are Hunters the Earth's True Conservationists? [VIDEO]

Are hunters the earth's true conservationists? We all know the answer to that redundant question. Of course we are! But let us never tire of hearing it.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Project Elk present an "epic journey alongside one of North America's most majestic creatures, the Rocky Mountain Elk." But really it's an in-depth look at the concept of hunter conservation.

The Sportsman Channel series "is the story of the origins, science, and evolution behind conservation, and the question around whether hunters are the earth's true conservationists, with interviews with hunters, biologists, wildlife experts and diverse perspectives on this pivotal topic."

This is the video trailer for the program.

This trailer gives an idea of some of the topics the program will address, with quotes like these:

"One of my greatest fears for our society is this continual degradation of that connection, where our society is becoming more and more urbanized and disconnected from the source of food."

"Hunters planted the seed of conservation in America in the late 1800s, and they've been fertilizing that seed for the last 150 years."

"It's important to maintain a wildlife habitat because that's a quality of life that counts for humans also."

"If we as hunters aren't committed to being better stewards, better citizens in the bigger society of hunting, we've got a very short path we're going down. And any hunter who stands there and says it's none of their business? It's their business!"

"As hunters and fishermen we need to become leaders, to open humanity's eyes to the problems we face, so our children can enjoy the same natural world we've enjoyed."

This looks to be an important and very timely program that all hunters should make a point to watch. Our hunting right is also our hunting privilege. And it's up to us to know the issues we face and the obstacles in our paths.

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Are Hunters the Earth's True Conservationists? [VIDEO]