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A Hunter’s Dream: Four Coyotes From One Calling Site [VIDEO]

These guys go out for a coyote hunt and kill four coyotes from one stand.

Using a combination of an electronic caller and a Mojo Critter motion decoy, these hunters have the dogs completely fooled.

A few great shots, and they’re left with four coyotes laying dead in the field.

Hunting for coyotes near recently mowed and baled hayfields can be an effective tactic for a few reasons.

First, the bales offer some cover and help you avoid the wary eyes of the predators you’re chasing. Second, mowing and baling hay kills a number of small animals like mice and moles. Coyotes know this and often come in looking for an easy meal.

Get out and hunt some coyotes in your area. Just don’t get delusional and expect to bring down four coyotes at every calling location.

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A Hunter’s Dream: Four Coyotes From One Calling Site [VIDEO]