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Hunter's Crate Founders Tell Us How to Get in on the First Subscription Box of Its Kind

The inaugural box being delivered by Hunter's Crate promises to be awesome. But the creators told us you'll have to hurry to get it.

By now you've heard of subscription box services, the monthly collections of cool stuff you can get delivered based on your interests or preferences. There have been a few to crack into the outdoor world, mainly focusing on fishing or wilderness survival.

Father and son Joe and Joey Sears, seizing an opportunity, decided to put their resources together and develop Hunter's Crate, the first hunter-specific subscription box. After six months of planning and preparation, they're set to deliver their inaugural box in September. If you sign up by August 28, 2015, you'll have one at your doorstep the first week of the month.

"I saw this opportunity to pick up on part of my heritage," said Joey, who has a background in social media and marketing, as well as film and photography. "Hunting has been a part of the family for generations now, so I approached my dad and we started working together."

Joe Sears, Sr.

The elder Joe has been a professional hunting guide for more than 25 years, and has traveled the continent enough to say he feels North America has become his backyard. That experience and know-how has given him a keen sense for hunting products ("hidden gems," as he calls them) that can seriously make a difference.

"We started talking to some different companies about the products we use and love," said Joey, who mentioned Wac 'Em Archery, Robinson Outdoors, and Knives of Alaska as just a few of the brands that will be featured in Hunter's Crate boxes.

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Joe Sears, Jr.

"It's gonna be like Christmas every month!" Joe Sr. said, and stressed his true belief that the products will help a hunter build success and memories. "I've had an opportunity as a professional guide to make a lot of dreams come true, and that's the best thing about my job."

Though each box will have a theme, there will be something for everyone with each new monthly shipment of products. A subscription locked by August 28, 2015 will guarantee one of the first boxes, and get you in on all sorts of great benefits.

You'll receive discounts through the Hunter's Crate store, and can earn points redeemable for store gift cards by referring friends, purchasing more gear, or uploading an "unboxing" video each month your new Hunter's Crate arrives. Those unboxing videos have proven extremely valuable for other subscription services like Hunter's Crate, and the co-founders are confident they'll help share the excitement and satisfaction folks are going to have when they get a new box.

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"This is really for people who have hunting in their blood," Joey mentioned. "They want to go out and hunt, put food on the table, and it's just a lifestyle for them."

The two men know the importance of word-of-mouth in this industry, and realize it often takes a big investment to become a dedicated hunter. But their family-owned business is promising to stand behind their product and service, which at least on the surface sounds like a huge bargain.

Here are the details: The Hunter's Crate goes for $40 a month, equalling some serious savings considering the contents. You can cancel any time and there are easy, secure ways to get it paid for.

You can also choose an extended membership with one of two levels: the Avid Hunter (six months for $210) and the Pro-Staff (a year for $360).

On top of that, you'll get access to some incredible giveaways, including guided turkey hunts in New York and elk hunts in Colorado.

What better places could there be to test out all the great gear that will come in each and every Hunter's Crate? Learn more and become a subscriber here, and count on the Sears family to provide you with the gear you need, month after month.

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Hunter's Crate Founders Tell Us How to Get in on the First Subscription Box of Its Kind