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Hunters Can Now Train Dogs to Hunt Wolves in Wisconsin [VIDEO]

After a court ruling, hunters are able to train dogs to hunt wolves in Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin appeals court ruled in favor of wolf hunting with the use of dogs last week, adding another chapter to the state’s ongoing debate over the issue.

According to an Associated Press article, the 4th District Court of Appeals decision to allow wolf hunting with trained dogs will permit the practice after the state’s nine-day gun deer season ends in late November.

Here’s nbc26’s channel with more.

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Wisconsin is now the only state to allow dog-assisted wolf hunts.

The case began after the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources used its power to institute wolf hunting with dogs, with the only restrictions being a ban on night hunting and the requirement for dogs to be tattooed or collared with proper identification as wolf hunters. The Humane Society and the National Wolfwatcher Coalition sued.

The fear was extreme wolf vs. dog fights, as well as the general thought from some that wolves should not be hunted at all.

In the end, the ruling was made and this season will likely see more dog-assisted wolf hunts in Wisconsin than ever before.

The DNR is still working to develop more permanent restrictions to the practice, and will look to have them in place by the 2015 fall season.

What do you think about wolf hunting with the help of dogs? If allowed, would you use dogs to hunt wolves where you’re from?

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Hunters Can Now Train Dogs to Hunt Wolves in Wisconsin [VIDEO]