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Hunters Bag Mississippi Record Alligator [VIDEO]

This is the second Mississippi record alligator caught by hunters since Friday.

Over the weekend, a trio of hunters caught a 792-pound, 13.5-foot alligator that smashed the state’s record for the heaviest reptile. The gator was caught on Sunday evening near Vicksburg, Miss.

Brian Montgomery, one of the hunters involved in the catch, said the gator bit a hole in their 16-foot aluminum boat before they were able to subdue the creature.

“He was a giant!” Montgomery told NBC News.

Here is a video of the hunters hoisting the gator to weigh it.

This is the second Mississippi record alligator caught since the alligator hunting season began on Friday. Over the weekend, another team of hunters took a 756 pound alligator in a canal of the Mississippi River, also near Vicksburg. One of the hunters who was involved with that catch, Scott Berry, also assisted with the most recent gator catch.

Mississippi’s hunting season lasts 10 days. This year the state issued 920 alligator-hunting permits to hunters who received special gator-hunting training.

Ricky Flint, an alligator program coordinator for the state, said the Mississippi record alligator will likely be broken again before the season ends.

“I will not be surprised if they get one that exceeds 1,000 pounds and is 14 feet or longer,” Flynt told NBC News. “It’s already happened in Alabama, where a family killed a gator that tipped the scales at 1,011.5 pounds.

The alligator Flynt mentioned is also a contender for a world record.

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Hunters Bag Mississippi Record Alligator [VIDEO]