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Hunter Shoots Giant Mule Deer Buck at 95 Yards…With a Bow [VIDEO]

Watch this crazy video of a hunter harvesting a giant mule deer buck with a bow at a range of 95 yards.

A massive mule deer buck is an animal that is on a lot of hunter’s bucket lists.

They are truly a magnificent creature and make for a once in a lifetime trophy. The hunter in this video from World Hunting Group closes to within 40 yards of a big mule deer buck following a three hour stalk.

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Right before he can take his shot, the buck catches their wind and starts to trot away on the heels of another deer.

The mule deer buck emerges into open ground and the hunter stops it with a grunt. The deer is 95 yards away, which is a range most archery hunters wouldn’t dare take a shot at. Not this one. He fires an arrow at the buck and puts a perfect shot right through the heart.

After the hunter tracks the mule deer buck to its final resting place, it is easy to see why this is such a sought after target for many a hunter.

Do you think the shot taken in this video was ethical? Why or why not? Let’s hear what you think in the comments section below.

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Hunter Shoots Giant Mule Deer Buck at 95 Yards…With a Bow [VIDEO]