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Hunter Shoots His Decoy Instead of the Real Buck [VIDEO]

Well, that didn't go as planned. Hitting the decoy is not what you want.

Hunting with a decoy can help you bring in that big buck within bow range, and is usually a benefit to your hunt.

This hunter, on the other hand, shows us that using a decoy has its challenges... That challenge being, try not to hit the decoy.

All sorts of things can go wrong during a hunt, especially when you are hunting with a bow, but it's not too often you hear that one of those things is hitting the decoy with your arrow.

Looks like he didn't take into account the arrow flight when he took his shot. He might have been able to see the "real" buck's vitals, but the arrow's flight path was directly on the decoy's head.

Hopefully this hunter got another chance at his buck.  Better luck next time!

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Hunter Shoots His Decoy Instead of the Real Buck [VIDEO]