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Hunter Saves Doe Caught in Barbed Wire Fence [VIDEO]

Hunters get a bad rap from many who think they have no concern for wildlife. This hunter proves ’em wrong.

When he came across a doe stuck in a fence, Josh Kestner decided to pick her up and untangle her leg.

What else would he have done? Check this one out:

This doe would have faced certain death had Kestner not intervened at his own risk. She certainly could have injured him with her sharp, powerful hooves, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Fences can and do kill deer, though not nearly as many as cars.

The doe runs off, though she looks like she could be injured; how severe is difficult to tell.

By being freed she has a better chance of survival than being tied in a fence.

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Hunter Saves Doe Caught in Barbed Wire Fence [VIDEO]