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Hunter S. Thompson & Conan O'Brien Shoot Guns [VIDEO]

This isn't your average talk show interview.

Conan O'Brien wanted to do an interview with the legendary writer Hunter S. Thompson.

Thompson, however wasn't keen on sitting in chair and making small talk. His requirements for the interview? Drink booze and shoot guns. Check out the hilarity that ensues in the video below.

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Before anyone thinks less of us, of course we aren't condoning a mix of alcohol and firearms. That's just stupid. And, as you can see, this clip is pretty stupid. But that's also what makes it so fantastic.

What did you think? Want a butler to carry your guns out to you when you're on the range? Maybe a shooting range side bar (you know, for after the shooting)?

The one and only Dr. Thompson had a way of going about things, and though it's not always smart to emulate, it's amazing to watch.

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Hunter S. Thompson & Conan O'Brien Shoot Guns [VIDEO]