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Hunter Has a Little Fun with Sleeping Deer [VIDEO]

It's not too often hunters walk right up to a sleeping deer and get this close.

The hunter turns on his camera when he realizes he has a young deer, only a few feet in front of him, taking a power nap.


I don't know if the old saying, "let sleeping dogs lie" applies to deer as well, but this hunter has a little fun trying to wake the deer up. He starts making noise and experimenting to find out what it's going to take to wake up this sleeping deer.

It seems as though this young deer is pretty sleepy because the hunter manages to get pretty close and has to make quite a bit of noise before the deer realizes he has a hunter standing right behind him. But once the deer finally wakes up and turns around to see what all the commotion is, it doesn't take long before it decides to flee the scene.

If only those big bucks would take more power naps...

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Hunter Has a Little Fun with Sleeping Deer [VIDEO]