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Hunter Kills 274-Pound Buck

Bangor Daily News

This lucky hunter bagged a 274-pound buck this year.

Most hunters would consider a 200-pound buck a big score in the Jackman, Maine area. When the scale came up with 274 pounds, Alfred Bowden Jr. thought his scale was broken and went and got another. The second scale came up with the same weight and he couldn't believe it. When he had first shot the buck, he had been slightly disappointed that it was only an eight-point buck.

hunter kills 274lbs buck 2
Bangor Daily News

Bowden measured the deer from the tip of its horns to the tip of the hooves. It was about nine and a half feet tall. Thankfully, Bowden's wife convinced him to share his kill with the news. He's not one to boast about his accomplishments, but we're happy he chose to share this with us!

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Hunter Kills 274-Pound Buck