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Hunter Illegally Shoots Record Elk in Pennsylvania


The third largest elk hunted in Pennsylvania history was illegally poached.

The illegally harvested elk was killed in September near Karthause Township in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

According to WGAL News 8, poachers didn’t just take a record book bull, but they took three elk in total. The elk were found with most of their body in tact, but their antlers were missing.

The largest had a 10- by 9-point non-typical rack, which initially measured in at more than 432 inches.

Three men, Frank Buchanan Jr., 25, Jeffrey Bickle, 46, and Cody Lyons, 20, could face thousand of dollar in fines if the are convicted. Buchanan admitted to shooting a large bull elk and all three men were taken into custody.

If convicted, the Pennsylvania Game Commission reported that they would be forced to pay$11,500 in replacement costs and face tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

Officials reported that the elk were taken over two days of hunting. Officers were quoted saying the hunters intended on selling the antlers on eBay.

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Hunter Illegally Shoots Record Elk in Pennsylvania