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Hunter Harvests 195-Inch Georgia Buck

195-inch Georgia buck

This 195-inch Georgia buck is a phenomenon for this deep south state.

Whenever you hear of a giant deer taken by a hunter, and I mean giant, you would normally suspect that it was taken in a Midwestern state. This 195-inch Georgia buck was taken right in the heart of the Peach State.

Shannon Sledge of Ty Ty had been seeing the Worth County buck for the last three years on his dairy farm. A man he calls “Skippy” who works on the farm hunted the deer on a tract of about 25 acres of timber on the farm. The buck had not shown up during daylight and was living on about 10 acres of the timber tract.

Georgia Outdoor News
Georgia Outdoor News

Skippy placed cameras around the farm and finally saw the buck one afternoon at 11 o’ clock.

“So, he calls me up yesterday, and he says ‘I just saw him,'”said Sledge. “When I got finished with what I was doing with my work, I came back home and he’s got the climbers ready.”

“Man, it’s 1:30 in the afternoon. I can’t sit all day. I just can’t do it,” Sledge told Skippy.

Skippy told Sledge, “If you’d seen that big son of a gun, you could.”

Sledge ended up shooting the monster buck that same evening. You can check out the full story at Georgia Outdoor News, but long story short, this giant deer will be one Shannon Sledge will remember for the rest of his life.

Very few deer are harvested in Georgia each year that come this close to 200 inches. But, while they’re few and far between, this buck goes to show giants are indeed out there.

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Hunter Harvests 195-Inch Georgia Buck