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Hunter Goes Primal on Whitetail Deer [VIDEO]

white-tailed deer spear hunting

This whitetail deer spear hunt is shocking and intense.

This video shows Zach Nayden, a hunter who takes deer hunting to the extreme: he is after whitetails with a spear.

Not many people go spear hunting and also get it on tape. Take a look:

Viewers Discretion Advised: This video is unedited and contains gruesome images. 

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In this video, the hunter patiently awaits the right moment on his stand. The deer finally walks within throwing distance and he throws his spear at it. The spear hits the deer, but bounces right off and we’re left wondering if it was a kill shot.

The hunter turns out to be successful and ends up with an amazing video and story.

Have you gone spear hunting? Share your experience in the comments below! 

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Hunter Goes Primal on Whitetail Deer [VIDEO]