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Hunter Gets a Shock When a Bull Elk Responds to Cow Call Demo [VIDEO]

When the camera rolls in nature, sometimes the unexpected can, and will happen.

Steve Chappell, a true elk expert, owns and operates a one on one elk guide service in the state of Arizona. With all of his experience in guided elk hunts, Chappell developed a few exclusive cow calls, in cooperation with Bugling Bull Game Calls.

His first call, designed to be a must own call that does everything an elk hunter demands in mimicking a cow elk, is rightfully called the Matriarch. The second group of calls are diaphragms that really match the tones of an adult cow elk during the rut, especially the estrus scream. 

In this video by Chappell, he is demonstrating a few of his signature calls when a bull elk in the background begins to respond to his cow call demo. Watch this video and see for yourself.

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Sometimes the proof is in the pudding when it comes to what actually works and what is just clever marketing.

If you are thinking about a guided elk hunt sometime in the future, be sure to check out Chappell Guide Service first, before you make any other plans.

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Hunter Gets a Shock When a Bull Elk Responds to Cow Call Demo [VIDEO]