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Watch a Hunter Get a Black Bear with a Headshot in Slow-Mo

On a solo mission this Canadian hunter harvests a black bear with an amazingly accurate headshot.

We’re sorry! It looks like this video has been removed by its owner. Here’s a really cool bear video to watch instead.

Getting a black bear headshot kill is one of the best killshots there is. It has to be extremely accurate and appropriately timed.

In this video a man in Canada lands a huge black hear with a headshot in the middle of spring.

As you saw the hunter in this video knew it wouldn’t be best to take the first shot he had. Waiting was the key element as he felt there would be a better shot to take later on in the day.

Did you see the accuracy of that headshot? This hunter knew exactly where to put the bullet and judging by the trajectory of the bullet was well placed. The blood told the whole story.

If nothing else the takeaway from this should be that patience is one of the biggest parts of hunting. You must wait to take the right shot or else they whole operation can be sacrificed.


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Watch a Hunter Get a Black Bear with a Headshot in Slow-Mo