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Deer Hunter Narrowly Escapes Being Sawed to Death By Tree Trimmer

You'll think twice before checking a power line clearing for your next hunt.

A hunter named Darren "Andy" Royalty, 45, of Seymour, Indiana was hunting whitetail from his treestand on his property when he experienced the scare of a lifetime.

Many hunters use power line clearings to check for deer - it's a hotbed for herds passing through, depending on the area and time of day. Those clearings require maintenance though, and so began Royalty's education on just exactly how they keep those passes so pristine.

Like something out of a movie, power companies use large, rotating saw mechanisms attached to a helicopter to trim trees in order to keep power lines running smoothly. This trimmer is operated by a man high in the sky, so noticing anything in the trees is not really a priority nor is it really an option.

The trimmer from Duke Energy, which must've come through quite quickly for Royalty to miss the noise, sawed through his treestand and crossbow just as he was able to jump to safety at the last second. We can't imagine the gut-wrenching feeling he must've experienced having just missed death from above.

If you've never seen one of these things in action, it's truly terrifying.

Aerial Saw submittedImage via: MNG Interactive

Have you ever seen one of these in action? How about a close-call hunting experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image via: Farm4, Flickr

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Deer Hunter Narrowly Escapes Being Sawed to Death By Tree Trimmer