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Hunter Drops Three Ducks in One Shot [VIDEO]

This is one of those “you have to see it to believe it” videos. And even then, you may have your doubts. In this short clip a hunter drops three ducks with one shot.

Is there some clever camera trick or video editing in play here? Probably not.

Still, it’s hard to fathom what this hunter does. Taking two birds with a single shot is one thing, but three? Three ducks?

Now that is unreal.


“That’s the best shot I’ve ever seen!” the shooter says.

Hey, if you shoot that well, why be modest?

What’s more, apparently the shot was made with a youth model 20 gauge. It seems as though the guy borrowed his daughter’s shotgun, took it into the field, and had the shot of a lifetime.

You know what they say… some guys have all the luck. Whether it is luck or just plain skill, this man hits the jackpot with his insanely accurate shot.

But let’s also make something clear, pointed out by reader Philip S. This guy ran with his shotgun in hand, which is never smart.

“He needs to point out to his daughter that he goofed so she will learn,” Philip said, “and Wide Open Spaces needs to point out to its large audience that no matter how excited you are, you can’t forget safety especially when using a firearm.”

Well said, and well done on the shot nonetheless. Looks like it’s duck for dinner tonight.

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Hunter Drops Three Ducks in One Shot [VIDEO]