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Hunter Discovers Thousands of Pot Plants on His Lease Near Houston

A deer hunter discovered thousands of pot plants by chance on his hunting lease near Houston.

The hunter was maintaining his lease in Goodrich, Texas over the weekend when he stumbled onto the plants and alerted local law enforcement, according to

State, local and federal law enforcement agents, along with inmates from the Polk County Jail, have already seized upwards of 100,000 marijuana plants from the lease. Police helicopters have spotted additional fields nearby, where agents expect to find several other plants.

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Officials said the marijuana farm was a complex operation.

"It's not just a bunch of hippies out there growing them a few pot plants," David Johnson, a Polk County game warden, told

The fields had a sophisticated irrigation system that channeled water from a nearby creek bed to the plants.

So far, one suspect has been arrested in connection with the farm. Rene Carbajal Burrisqueta is in the custody of the Polk County Police, and another is on the run, according to Polk County Today.

The Chief Deputy of the Polk County Police, Brian Lyons, believes the suspects weren't locals.

"It's pretty obvious that they are not going to be residents of Polk County - they were living out here on this site. These were pretty elaborate campsites," Lyons said.

Featured image via Polk County Today

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Hunter Discovers Thousands of Pot Plants on His Lease Near Houston