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Hunter Carries Wounded Deer Almost 2 Miles on His Shoulders for Treatment

hunter carries wounded deer

A Turkish hunter carried a deer for 3 kilometers (that’s 1.86 miles in freedom units) on his shoulders to make sure it got cared for.

While bird hunting in the Perşembe district of the Ordu province in Northern Turkey, Volkan Bal had a surprising encounter. He and his friends were out celebrating the holidays when they heard what sounded like a deer. So, he did what anyone would do and went to investigate. 

Bal and his friends began to track down the deer. Expecting to only catch a glimpse of the animal, they were shocked when they actually found it. The deer was a roe deer doe that was wounded and lying in its own blood with its baby next to it.

Acting quickly, the group was able to stop the bleeding. Of course, Volkan Bal didn’t stop there: he fireman’s carried that thing three kilometers to get the proper treatment. Again that’s 1.86 miles of pure conservation, stewardship-demonstrating, mark-of-a-true-sportsman hiking.

image via IHA
image via IHA

After the hike, the animal was delivered to the local Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, where it received immediate medical attention. It is believed that the deer jumped from a high wire, incurring the leg injury as a result. Wounds to the animal’s head also support the claim.

Roe deer are protected, and hunting them is banned in Turkey. Althoough they are considered endangered, they are making a comeback. Bal, being a member of the Ordu Hunters and Shooters Association, is stated as saying something I think we all can agree with: as hunters, we should always protect endangered animals and animals that are not to be hunted.


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Hunter Carries Wounded Deer Almost 2 Miles on His Shoulders for Treatment